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                                                                    INSPIRED BY

                                                                NATURE, FROM


                                                                   Chakra extends nature’s positive energy
                                                                    throughout your home’s living spaces
                                                                      esigned to emphasize the connection
                                                                      between nature, humans and positive life
                                                               Denergy, Chakra’s bamboo-oriented collections
                                                                inspire relaxation and serenity. Carrying the positive
                                                                energy of nature into life, Chakra continues to deliver
                                                                elegance and a natural grace to every corner of the
                                                                home, with simple designs and unique colours. With
                                                                its wide range of bed linens, fluffy towels, aromatic
                                                                candles, tableware, home accessories, decorative
                                                                products and stylish interiors and garden furnishings,
                                                                Chakra consistently attracts attention, while elevating
                                                                the energy of living spaces.
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