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                                                                                               KARACA  NEWS

                       TRACES OF THE FUTURE

               Bringing new interpretations of the classic
              approach to dinnerware, Karaca collaborates
             with renowned fashion designer Arzu Kaprol to
                  deliver even more style to the table.

                  niquely elegant dinnerware featuring a pearl-
                  inspired design, the Karaca Fine Pearl Collection
            Uis now infused with the creativity of Arzu Kaprol.
            Four distinctive designs - Life Print, Together Alone, The
            Eye, and Istanbul & New York - are modern and timeless
            even  reflecting traces of the future.                              Arzu Kaprol
                                                                             Fashion Designer

                       Life Print Collection                               Together Alone

                 Tables set with the Arzu Kaprol Karaca Fine Pearl   Dining tables crowned with the Arzu Kaprol Karaca Fine
                 ‘Life Print’ series leave a special mark on your life.  Pearl ‘Together Alone’ series play tribute to your most
                                                                            valuable relationships.

                               The Eye                                   Istanbul-NewYork
                The Nazar, also known as the Evil Eye, is considered   The Karaca ‘Istanbul / New York’ series is a work of the
                a talisman across cultures. The Arzu Kaprol Karaca   imagination where the historical structures of both cities
               ’The Eye’ series brings this classic symbol to life with a   are integrated into a stunning side-by-side portrait: for
                              modern touch.                        those who love to enjoy every moment in life.

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