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                                                              Innovative New Jugs From

                                                              Lav Come To The Table:

                                                              LAV takes its place on tables with its new jug, the
                                                              Valens. An eye-catching pitcher with its modern and
                                                              elegant design, the Valens also provides ease of use
                                                              with its capacious volume and ergonomic handle.
                                                              As the latest entry in LAV’s modern designs, the
                                                              transparent Valens delivers liquid refreshment in a
                                                              beautiful form to tables, standing out as an ideal option
                                                              for both water and more colourful beverages. Presented
                                                              alongside complementary Rio soft drink glasses, the
                                                              Valens jug enriches table settings with distinctive

            A New Coffee Machine

            From Korkmaz

            The newest design from Korkmaz offers
            coffee aficionados the distinctive flavour
            of coffee cooked on charcoal embers.
            When Turkish coffee is cooked on high
            heat, it boils quickly - without releasing its
            essence or delicious aroma – as the coffee
            is essentially still raw. Utilizing thermo-
            balance technology, Kahvekolik retains
            the deep aroma of the beans, producing a
            delicious beverage that tastes like it’s been
            slow brewed.

                                              Global design brand Nude
                                              combines intelligent design with         Curtains
                                              superior glass technology at a          From Taç
                                              high level with Stem Zero. An
                                              elegantly simple, sophisticated    TAÇ is refreshing homes with
                                              collection of handcrafted wine and   its innovative product, the
                                              champagne glasses, the Stem Zero   Miss Perde Collection! With
                                              collection pushes the boundaries.   three distinctive scents, the
                                              Delicate design merged with        Miss Perde Collection by Taç
                                              high endurance provides an ideal   clears the air in your home,
                                              delivery system for wines and      thanks to a special finish that
                                              champagnes, stimulating and        infuses the air with fragrance.
                                              pleasing the senses of touch, taste   Lavender and vanilla, nature’s
                                              and scent. The collection also     finest gifts, and the clean, fresh
                                              features superior durability with   scent of soap change the air
                                              special Ion Shielding technology   – and atmosphere - of rooms
            A Unique Meeting                  developed by Şişecam. The Stem     with the Miss Perde Collection.
            Of Aesthetics And                 Zero glassware collection dazzles   Curtains featuring elegant
                                              the most distinguished tables with
            Technology From                   its elegance. It is also dishwasher-  details and natural hues bring
                                                                                 a new breath to living spaces
            Nude                              safe and offers ease of usage with   with their special finish.
                                              its tested impact, tilt and fall results.

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